SIGNIFICANT TIME // Regnbueponniens Significante Påskesang



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Digital release May 12th
Physical release: May 20th
Catalogue: PSK106

Signe Irene Time: vocals
Øyvind Gjelsten Dale: piano
Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson: bass
Raymond Storaunet Lavik: drums
André Roligheten: saxophones, bass clarinet
Hayden Powell: trumpet

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Newcomers Significant Time have recently been gaining attention in Norway for their blistering and humorous concerts, not least at last years’ Maijazz festival. For their debut album the quartet are joined by Hayden Powell on trumpet and André Roligheten on woodwinds.

Regnbueponniens Significante Påskesang is a collection of songs by vocalist Signe Irene Time and pianist Øyvind Gjelsten Dale, with the latter providing arrangements for sextet. The nine originals are inspired by jazz greats such as Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus, but also offer references to classical composers such as Maurice Ravel and Frédéric Chopin. There’s even a tribute to recently deceased saxophonist Ornette Coleman, with strong contributions from bassist Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson and drummer Raymond Storaunet Lavik.

The idea for the band came about in 2010 after Øyvind heard Signe perform the song T.G.T.T. from Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert. An absence of lyrics gives this piece it’s very own tone and mood, something Øyvind found greatly inspiring.

The quartet aims to give Signe Irene’s vocals an integrated and varied role similar to that of a melodic instrument, rather than simply the usual foreground placement. The non-sense album title alludes to the playfulness and joyful exploration of tradition and freedom that characterizes this band.

In 2015, Significant Time was commissioned to write new music for a concert at Stavanger’s jazz festival Maijazz. Aiming to underline their orchestral approach they invited saxophonist André Roligheten and trumpeter Hayden Powell to supplement the band, further broadening their palate. The two musicans are among Norway’s most active jazz instrumentalists, figuring in bands such Hayden Powell Trio, Albatrosh and Eyolf Dale’s new octet Wolf Valley.

As with other albums on Periskop, the artwork is by designer Jens Jørgen Carelius Krogsveen. This recording was made in October 2015 at Propeller studios in Oslo by Hans Andreas Horntvedt Jahnsen, mixed by David Alexander Sjølie and mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Mastering.

Significant Time


Track list

1. Bonding with my body (Time)
2. Ornette – spending time with you is okay (Dale)
3. Motorsykkelklubben (Dale)
4. Bonding with my brain (Time)
5. Ravelblues (Dale)
6. Regnbueponniens significante påskesang (Dale)
7. October – the bells (Dale)
8. Pepsi Max og fløte i kaffien (Time)
9. Fra mor (Time)


All music arranged by Øyvind Gjelsten Dale.

Recorded by Hans Andreas Horntveth Jahnsen at Propeller Studios, Oslo, on October 31th & November 1st 2015.
Mixed by David Alexander Sjølie.
Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Mastering, Oslo.
Artwork by Jens Jørgen Carelius Krogsveen.
Administrative producer: Hayden Powell