JUHANI SILVOLA // Strange Flowers

WEBRES--2 mørk

Released on March 4th, 2016
Cd, download, streaming
Catalogue: PSK104

Juhani Silvola: Guitars, synthesizers, electronics and percussion
Sarah-Jane Summers: Fiddle & viola
Timo Silvola: Drums & percussion

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Strange Flowers is the long-awaited solo debut from guitarist/producer Juhani Silvola. The album aims to explore optimism and pessimism through a utopian and dystopian view of the world and human race. Most of the songs are painted in dark colours, others offer glimpses of light.

Strange Flowers reflects Silvola’s versatile background as album producer, in-demand guitarist and improviser. Produced with all the trimmings of a modern pop record, the album also explores the energy and ferocity found in genres that Silvola grew up listening to such as black metal and hip hop. Silvola has previously worked with a range of high profile groups in a varierty of styles, from the cult-group Sacred Harp to Earlybird Stringband and the Sami group Adjagás. Silvola also co-produced Highasakite’s album All That Floats Will Rain.

Silvola picked his fellow musicians among those who know him best. His wife Sarah-Jane Summers is one of Scotland’s premiere folk musicians, and plays the fiddle and viola with a unique tone and style. Juhani’s brother Timo Silvola is an in-demand drummer who plays with bands such as Like Rats From A Sinking Ship and Barren Womb.

Guitars, synthesizers, electronics and precussion are played by Silvola himself, who also self- produced and mixed the album. The recordings were made in Parachute Studio by Roar Nilsen, and the mastering was done by Helge Sten. As with other releases from Periskop the artwork and design is by Jens Jørgen Carelius Krogsveen.

Juhani Silvola (Johannes Selvaag) 1

Track list

1. The Gods That Built This Place Were Mad
2. Vents Of The Underworld
3. Strange Flowers Bloomed
4. The Last Modernist
5. Black Breath, Black Blood
6. Nyctophobia
7. The First Beast
8. All That Is Solid Melts Into Air


All music composed, arranged, produced and mixed by Juhani Silvola.

Additional mixing by Christoffer Brenna.
Recorded by Roar Nilsen at Parachute Studios and by Juhani Silvola at Kongens Gate.
Mastered by Helge Sten.

All instruments played by Juhani Silvola, except:
Fiddle & viola: Sarah-Jane Summers
Drums & percussion: Timo Silvola

Painting & artwork by Jens J. Carelius Krogsveen.
Photo by Johannes Selvaag.

Executive producer: Hayden Powell